the space between insane and insecure
wash away my sins. make me a girl who'd never seen the firestorms of september, who'd never been shot... a nursery-rhyme girl in a blue dress holding a pet lamb in a cottage garden. it was me, after all
my aunt came home from vacation and told me this story



my aunt went to cape cod with her husband and brother and they went to the beach and she was flying a kite when this guy came up to her and said “ooh whatre you doing with that kite?” and being the sassy bitch my aunt is, said “im air fishing" without looking at him so he just says "…ok" and walks away and she looked over and her husband and brother were cracking up and it turns out she dissed justin timberlake


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Freckle Friday | Angry freckled Cecil.

The childlike glee that overtook my entire body when I saw this just can’t have been human. I LOVE the angels.


I will never understand why stripping is seen as degrading.

Like…the job description is literally “I am so hot that you could never get me in real life so you’re going to have to pay me to dance for you.”


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❝Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them.❞

"The Third Task," Goblet of Fire

I love Fleur Delacour, okay? See the boy. Want the boy. GET THE BOY. KEEP THE BOY FOREVER AND DON’T CARE IF THE BOY GETS MAULED BY A WEREWOLF.
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You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive


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